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Real Estate Growth in Amaravati

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Investing in real estate in Amaravati which is the capital of Andhra Pradesh is fantastic. This city is known not only because of the rapid development that is found in this city but also because of its location. Taking a tour around the town of Amaravati is intriguing because you would see that the city is located on the southern banks of the River Krishna in the Guntur district. The plan of city Amaravati makes the city to be unique. Since the municipality lies between metropolitan areas such as Guntur and Vijayawada, the town is set to have an increase in the real market.

Another uniqueness of this city is the educational institutes found in the town. This academic institute includes Vellore Institute of technology and SRM University. Also, the city is experiencing significant development and infrastructure upgrade with new projects.

There is a lot of reason why investing in real estate in Amaravathi is a viable business. The ideas mentioned earlier, and other government projects including technology firms has made investing in real estate in the city of Amaravathi a reasonable business strategy. Below are some of the projects that are ongoing in this city.

1. Road Network

When investing in real estate, the Major factor to look out for is the road network because accessibility to an area is a key to significant development. Are you looking for a good access road? Then in Amaravathi, you have your answer. Every week, the ministry of urban development is reviewing a massive road network project which covers over 1692 kilometer with BRTS, metro lanes and underground infrastructure such as electricity, information technology grids, etc. Over 320 kilometers of trunk roads are also in their completion stage. By the use of Google maps, you would also see that the access road is nearly completed with a fast pace of work which has shocked many unbelievers. With your Google maps, you can see the road network grids found at Amaravathi. A primary reason why the city of Amaravati would have high accessibility is that of the use of the road network grid. The pattern of the road network grid is easier to understand and maintained. It makes navigation much more comfortable. By the purpose of this grid road system, the city of Amaravati would achieve three things which includes

Redundancy: as a result of the grid road network, traffic jams would be reduced because if one road is blocked, you can take another route.

Flexibility: the grid helps you to cut across streets and significant roads without affecting your movement.

Green cover: the road system has trees planted on both sides of the road and a bicycle path along with pedestrian walkway.

2. Railway network

Rail transport is known as the cheapest and safest means of transportation. If that is your concern? Then you need not worry anymore because there is a proposed Amaravati bullet railway line that would link up over four cities ranging from Vijayawada to Tenali and spans over 105 km.

3. Zero Power Deficit State

One of the problems some urban areas with high infrastructure is power deficit. Is power deficit a reason hindering you from investing in real estate? Then the city of Amaravati has given you the right to invest in real estate. The state of Andhra Pradesh has attained the state of zero power deficits which is a significant milestone in development strides of India. It is impressive to note that The World Bank has rated the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh as number one in the aspect of "Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness" which is a plus to the country for global recognition. You also need not worry about power because the state of Andhra Pradesh is the biggest producer of solar energy in India.

4. Fiber Grid

This project is one of its kind. Being in the comfort of your home and viewing the world is a factor that enhances investing in real estate in Amaravati. Imagine having a 23,800-kilometer long fiber cable network being connected to nearly all household, over 50,000 schools, public health facilities, and government offices in all over the state. This is what the state of Andhra Pradesh offers you. Do you love accessing the internet at a reduced price? The city of Amaravathi gives you this offer. The 23,800-kilometer cable network provides you with over 350 channels, free rental telephone, and internet at a very affordable price. Are you in need of security? This grid would serve as a backbone for surveillance all over the state thereby making use of over 20,000 CCTV cameras. You also need not worry about your children digital education because this grid would power over 4,000 government schools and telemedicine all over the health facilities in the state.

5. Academic institutes

Real estate advisers would encourage you to invest in real estate that is close to schools. Do you have the dream of investing in real estate closer to school? Then investing in real estate in Amaravati is your dream come true. SRM University is one of the most prominent academic institute found in the state. It covers over 3000 cores and 200 Acres. Although it is the first private university in Amaravati, it promises to invest over $450 million over the next decade, and it offers classes to over 10,000 students and collaborates with well pronounced premier institutes. Another academic institute is VIT University which is located some two kilometers away from the secretariat. Also a private university, it classes over 670 students only in the first batch, and more are yet to come.

6. Expressway

The Amaravati expressway is the longest in India with six and four-lane of 393 kilometers, having only a few turns allowing you to speed up to about 140 km/h in a safe condition. With this, travel time would be cut short from 9 hours to 5 hours or even less. This expressway would cross over six cities and have two feeder roads.

All these and other numerous projects are either completed or are in their final stage of completion. Knowing this about the wonderful city of Amaravati, what stops you from taking advantage now in investing in real estate in Amaravati?

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