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Why should you invest in Amaravathi

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Why should you invest in real estate in Amaravati

Amaravathi is the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh which possesses big opportunity for construction and infra-related companies that will benefit both home and foreign investors. These investments entail real estate constructions, acquisition of residential plots for Government Residential Area (GRA), construction of supermarkets, the opening of recreation centers and restaurants, construction of private social amenities such as hospitals and schools. All the above businesses will require plots in Amaravathi.

Real estate and government residential buildings Investors on the construction of real estate enterprises and acquisition of residential plots for rent to the government will be favored since the new capital is a town that will be inhabited by its inhabitants, new public administrators, and civil servants who will govern and work in it respectively.

Also, individuals who want to involve in the buying of residential plots and its selling in the future, do have higher chances to benefit three times the actual price. This will be a great investment because, in about a generation, the government will have increased a lot of employment opportunities like expanding its services or creating international schools, that will attract inhabitants and workers both home and abroad, who are in search for plots in Amaravathi.

The opening of recreation centers and restaurants With Amaravathi as a town of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus and also haven the Amaravathi Mahachaitya stupa, the Dhyana Buddha Statute, which are attractive to tourists. These things turn Amaravathi a strategic place, to motivate foreign investors for the construction of recreation centers, opening up restaurants, in order to entertain government worker from different parts of India and tourist which will enable them to have the taste of Indian home dishes, and Amaravathi in particular.

Investments in schools and hospitals Now with the growing population of the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, investments such as the creation of school and hospitals are important. Investors have the advantage of opening this private and mission institution because there are the best when it comes to the delivery of good services. However they do have an upper hand in that, people prefer private institutions to educate their kids and take care of their health. It is good for investors from in and out of India to engage in foreign investments in Amaravathi in the private sector of the state.

Construction of supermarkets In this situation, the tendency of investors in the recovery of their capital, and high profits in the buying of plots in Amaravathi, for the creation of supermarkets is at least a 92% higher. This is because most working class individuals, with less free time, will prefer to order their food items, and other house appliance to be delivered to them directly, in their residential houses or building through delivery vans of the supermarket.  .

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