The real estate industry has seen an unprecedented boom in the state of Andhra Pradesh, especially in the region where the proposed capital, Amaravathi of the new state of Andhra Pradesh is designated to be made. The capital city would be made from a scratch in the form of one of the most developed smart cities of India. Many countries have pledged financial, engineering and architectural support to the Andhra Pradesh Government’s ambitious project.To fulfill its dream of making a hi-tech city, the government is taking proactive steps to ensure that the city does not lag behind in any aspect. All the infrastructural developmental work is going on at a war footing speed.Owing to these factors, the region has seen an unprecedented boom in the real estate. We are also very happy to announce our very ambitious residential project in PedaParimi village near, Tulluru. This project would cater to the holistic living approach of the people of Andhra Pradesh.


PedaParimi village falls in the urban area of the soon to be formed capital city, Amravati. The master plan of the city shows that PedaParimi would be very close to the upcoming Airport which makes it a prime location for the residential complex. Many Government establishments and Colleges are slated to be constructed in the close vicinity of the area.PedaParimi is also one of the most sought after regions because it would fall in the city’s premium location and would be very close to the upcoming Inner and Outer Ringroads. It would not only bring better employment opportunities for the people who would live here but also improve the standard of living of the people in the region. 
Our intention is to provide clean surroundings and beautifully constructed residences to our clients within the stipulated timeframe.



✔    Layout as per CRDA norms
✔    100% Clean Title
✔     Projects secured with strong gates
✔     Project facing 80 feet road
✔     Electricity
✔     Adequate ground water supply
✔     Drainage systems
✔     DComes under grama khantam
✔     Project conforming to  vaastu shastra



★   3 km to nelapadu (Proposed andhra pradesh state highcourt)
★   4 km to Thulluru
★   7 km to Rayapudi 
★   10 km to Amaravathi (Capital)
★   15 km to secretariat
★   16 km to Mangalgiri
★   20 km to Guntur


PedaParimi promises to generate high returns in future. Its location and the above-mentioned factors would make it a prime property in the region. It is always advisable to invest in the region which promises to earn high dividends in future. PedaParimi is one such place where once invested would generate huge benefits all your lifetime. So go ahead and ask us to provide you the brochure of our upcoming project in PedaParimi.